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We offer you our pure honey, TOMELI. An award winning, organic pine honey, which bears all the values of the exceptionally rich, diverse and unique flora and fauna of Greece.  TOMELI is an incomparable organic honey.  Its stunning amber colour, thick & creamy texture, exquisite aroma, and rare taste are owed to the special Melliferous trees (Pine honeydew, Chestnut, Fir and Oak) found in the region of Evia.  We guarantee the quality of our premium product, as we personally engage with every detail of its creation.  For in the words of Da Vinci, 'details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail’.
The extremely low rate of HMF, is the guarantee that TOMELI is an organic honey, of unique quality and unlimited purity. The name of our honey itself means in Greek “The Honey”, and TOMELI truly is a honey that will charm and magnetise your senses and at the same time, offer you high nutritional value.

Διακριση Biolmel

Διάκριση BiolmelTOMELI has taken the golden award of taste, at the BIOLMIEL AWARDS, the only international competition of organic honey.