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Our permanent apiary is located in the valley of the River Arοanios in north western Peloponnese, where our beehives "rest" for a number of months during the year. In order to produce the raw honey TOMELI, our beehives are transferred to the pine forests of northern Evia.  

After careful research, our beehives were placed next to steep mountains and precipitous gorges, at an altitude of over 1000m to ensure the best microclimate and a good amount of nutrition for our bees.  There, our bees, in a completely natural and pure environment, perform their complex activity by working collaboratively in order to produce TOMELI, the unique organic honey.

With the preservation and respect of the ecosystem being one of our priorities, we align traditional with innovative methods, in order to extract and pack our precious honey from our beehives and perform quality controls throughout the process.